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All about us here at Kaizyn Bullies

We strive to make quality and HEALTHY dogs above all else, but also have fantastic personalities to match. We love this breed for many reasons but the biggest one is because they are a functional, lovable breed that make excellent forever friends. We have spent a lot of time researching and investing breed standard, healthy puppies to add to our breeding program. To throw icing on the cake we produce an AMAZING selection of colors too! From reds, whites and blues, to fawn, sable, brindle, merles and everything in between!


Our dogs are all raised and kept in a family environment with lots of room to roam and play, our females whelp inside where its warm and safe, all of the puppies get to spend time with kids, other dogs. We like to keep our puppies for a full 8 weeks with their mother and siblings so that when they go to their new homes they are socialized, confident and content. 


 All of our puppies will have their tails docked unless they have a breed standard straight pump tail.  They will be up to date on dewormer and vaccinations before going home. We send them home with several gifts: a collar, a toy, a small blanket rubbed all over mama for comfort, and a small bag of food we currently are feeding them.

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